1. What are you?

We are a 7000 sq. ft. Event Venue which also happens to have a Recording Studio. 

2. where are you?

We are located in downtown Indianapolis, approximately 4 blocks East of circle. Our building is surrounded by East Street, New Jersey, Ohio, and, of course, Wabash.
Click here for map.

3. where can i park?

Pay Parking for 416 Wabash is located directly east of the building at 419 East Ohio Street.  Metered street parking is also available on Wabash, New Jersey, Ohio, and East streets.  Any other parking lots surrounding the venue are permit parking only. 

4. Where is the entrance?

For the event space, please use the single black door located on the southeast corner of the building.

For the recording studio, please use the single black door located on the southwest corner of the building.


For the majority of the time, tickets are available through the services putting on the event. Hyperlinks to tickets for each event will be found on our 416 Events page.

6. Do you allow smoking in the building?

416 Wabash is a non-smoking facility. 

7. I lost something at 416 wabash? who do i talk to?

Send an email to info@416wabash.com.

8. do you sell liquor/beer/wine? 

We have the ability to sell liquor, beer, and wine at any event. Depending on the event we will have designated drinking areas in certain locations throughout the building.

9. Do you sell food?

We can provide a list of preferred caterers. 

10. when can i arrive at the event?

Each event has it's own start and end times. Usually, our doors will open 1 hour before the start of the event.